Arbiter's Aide Version 1.06

( Dated 1/30/97, Size: 1.3 MB )
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Arbiter's Aide Version History

If you currently have Version 1.05, then you can download just the updated files in (358 K).  Simply extract the files into your application directory.  The default of which is C:\PELICAR.  It contains the following files:  PELICAR.EXE and VERSIONS.TXT.  Users with versions before 1.05 will need to download the complete installation.

This software is not required for play. The Arbiter's Aide program runs under Windows 3.X and Windows 95. If you have any questions about the program itself or need technical support, send e-mail to .

So what is this thing anyway?

The Pelicar™ Arbiter's Aide is essentially a set of tools (separated into different modules) to take some of the busy work out of playing and Arbitrating Pelicar™ and to speed access to the most commonly looked up reference materials, namely spell descriptions, thereby allowing more time for actual role playing. This is by no means a substitute for the Pelicar™ Official Game Book (OGB).


Dice Rolling: Up to 6 Dice Roller's can be on the screen at once. When you've run out of d10's for initiative dice, you can use one of these. You don't have a 13 sided die? Well, with this you do!

Automated Attribute Training: Let the computer keep track of the current attribute value, amount of days spent training, amount of days left available for training, and the cost for training. This greatly speeds up the process if the characters decide to spend a year training. Instead of spending hours of rolling dice and keeping figures straight, let the computer do it in a fraction of a second!

Automated Percentage Skill Training: Same ideas apply as in Attribute Training.

Spell Save Calculator: Don't want to memorize the formula? Let it do the work.

Mage Spell Book Generator: Randomly generate and print up to 10 Axiom Traveling Spell books. Saves time when a party defeats an enemy adventuring party and they ask if any spell books were part of the treasure haul.

Random Encounter Generator: Generates a list of creatures for the party to fight or to engage in a conversation. Useful for when the party decides to travel for months in the backwoods seeking adventure and monsters to conquer. Currently, the details of the encounter itself (other than number appearing) are left to the Arbiter.

Critical Hit/Fumble look-up: Quickly determine the results of a critical hit or fumble!

Random Magic Device Generator: Uses the same random determination charts as in the OGB to roll a random magical device. This does a little extra work in that for Armor it will also determine the Type of armor, the race designed for, and size. For weapons it will randomly determine which type of weapon (Broad Sword vs Crossbow).

Quick Launch of the Windows Calculator: Always need a calculator for something it seems.

Spells: A complete online reference of all the Axioms and Incantations. A real time saver.

Many more features to come in future revisions (we already have several ideas for improvements and enhancements).