Pelicar Adventurer's Guild

The Pelicar Adventurer's Guild is a place for discovery. It is a place for players, arbiters (game masters) and web surfing zombie hordes alike to learn more about Pelicar. In here you will find: rules explanations; player questions and answers; information about the different regions of Pelicar; newly discovered Creatures, Religious pantheons, spells; and the Adventure's Message Board.

How did Pelicar come into existance?

Geography See the World Map and learn about the different areas of Pelicar!

Articles from the game designers Articles written by the game designers that further explain concepts of the game system.

Timeline The known history of Pelicar. Naturally, our personal characters have helped to shape a lot of it :). Go Sea Barons!

New Playable Races

New Creatures with Complete Descriptions and Charts to throw at your PCs.

Player Feedback Don't take our word for it, hear (well, read anyway) what players have said about Pelicar!

Questions and Answers Rules explanations and clarifications. Find answers to the questions asked of us by players and arbiters of Pelicar.

Adventurer's Message Board Post messages and questions for all to see!