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Date: Tue, 01 Jul 1997 14:24:04 +0200
From: (Morten Einar Hagen)
Subject: Arbiter from Norway


I just got my hand on your gaming book by pure coincidence, but so far I must say I find the system promising. When I saw it, I first thought it was a lousy and obscure game since it was on sale and I never heard of it. But how wrong I was. I really like what I have seen so far, and I can already tell you, that you have an Arbiter in Norway, and I hope to present your system in coming conventions here in Norway. I also look forward to start my first campaign at home, but first I have to read some more. Is there already written adventures for Pelicar I could get my hands on? At my first sessions with a new system, I prefer already written adventures, because they help me to know the world better. So if you could give me a hint, I would appreciate it.


Morten Einar Hagen

Yes, we do have a small sample adventure which is in the Pelicar Demo Kit that is available on our downloads page. We are also currently working on a more full fledged module.
-Pharaoh Games

Pharaoh Games:

Could you save the zine files as one file. It could possibly be a text file or maybe even a PDF file (which would still preserve pictures and be essentially a better choice)?

Thanx in advance,

Kirk Haines

We'll look into possibly doing this; although, it may not be in .PDF format.
-Pharaoh Games

Well, due to the changes we've made recently, something like this may or may not come to be. We'll have to rethink the feasibility.
-Pharaoh Games



To all at Pharaoh,

I'm one of your Mississippi players, and I just wanted to say that I love the game. I have encountered one small problem, however, and wanted to see if you could clear it up. Last session I attempted to cast the 6th rank Earthly Axiom "Superfly," and instead of gaining any flight abilities I found myself garbed in a bright purple suit with a butterfly collar and platform soles with a bunch of tastelessly dressed women fawning over me and telling me that they were my "hoes." The distress caused by this almost caused me to fail my next sanity check. Is this a common misfire of the spell or is my Arbiter just having fun at my expense?


The Delta Dragon (via the Internet)



Dear Pharaogh Games,

Just yesterday I saw your new game, Pelicar, which I play tested about a year ago in Oklahoma City, at the Otherside: comics and games...anyway, when I first play tested your prototype a year ago, I loved it. It made so thing few roleplaying games have...SENSE! Anyway, I bought the game and am enjoying it already. I just wanted to congratulate and say thank you for a GOOD game for once!

McGoodwin (via the internet)



I was at GenCon with some friends, and stopped by the I&S booth long enough to get "roped in". The enthusiasm that those two have for Pelicar was infectious; later on, one of y'all--I think it was Lew--helped me create a character and I joined a mass play session long enough to role-play a meeting between two parties and experience a melee series. Then I had to leave, so I had my character tumble over a cliff while still slashing away at the gang of zombies that had engulfed him. It was great fun, really!

Thom (via the internet)