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In any print, mistakes are going to happen. Most are minor, but occasionally, we find one big enough to print in our OOPS section. These big ones will be corrected in future printings. (Just another reason to buy a first-run copy of the book; the misprints will be more valuable someday).

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Page: 16, 17, 36, 37, 159, 161

OGB, Page 16...

Equipment Costs: The following items were inadvertently left out of the Equipment Costs chart.

Darts, 20 10 bits
Javelin 80 bits
Lance 500 bits
Maul 200 bits
Scythe 150 bits
Shuriken, 20 100 bits
Sling 25 bits
Sling-Bullet, 20 10 bits
Staff-Sling 80 bits

Everyday Clothing (Shirt, Pants, etc.) 1-10 bits*
Formal/Evening Wear 250 bits*

* You could conceivably spend almost any amount on an outfit. For most folks, an outfit that cost around 250 bits would be very nice indeed, perfectly suitable for a city function. This is roughly 1 month's income for a store merchant.

Most adventurers that are rolling in the $$$ would probably spend a minimum of 4000 bits, which is how much a Self-Cleaning outfit costs (as listed in the Magical Devices.. granted, most of the cost here is magical enchantment and gems which might possibly be woven into the fabric to hold the enchantment). Keeps the food and wine stains off, and so on. It could however have exotic fabrics and gems woven into it raising the cost even higher. Also, local economics and market forces could modify the cost as well. A self-cleaning suit is typically formal/evening wear for such an occasion as a ball and is tailored to the individual.

OGB, Page 17...

Armor...although it is eluded to throughout much of the text, the types of armor able to be worn by which professions is never stated. The rule is simple...any profession can wear any armor. HOWEVER, axiom-casting is only possible in non-binding, supple clothing. Axioms required very precise hand and arm movements. The only armor that falls under these qualifications is leather armor. This does not mean that chainmail could not be enchanted to be less encumbering; however, this would cost like a 4th rank constant effect (1800 enchantment points). Making the plate armors less encumbering would be like a 6th rank constant effect (3300 ep).

OGB, Page 36...

Although hinted at in several examples, the table of number of attacks per series was excluded. Below is the missing table.

Applicable Weapon Skills* Number of Attacks Per Series**
0 to 70 1 Attack
75 to 145 3/2 Attack
150 to 220 2 Attacks
225 to 295 5/2 Attack
Each +75 extra 1/2 Attack

*Only the weapon skills used by the character apply; neither Strength, Reflexes nor magic are considered. (The supplication spell is special).

**This is the base for all weapons except fists and daggers. Such weapons have an extra 1/2 attack added to the base for weapon speed. However, this weapon speed bonus is lost when combined with the two-handed fighting complementary skill.

OGB, Page 37...

Sweep is listed in the Skills.11 Table; however, no description is given. This was an experimental weapon skill which had problems in application to combat. Its description was purposely cut from the book. We forgot to pull it from the list as well.

OGB, Page 159...

Those trying to roll a Ring of Resistance randomly might have trouble if the number is 61 to 79. Below is a listing of how the table should read:

in bits
01-55 -2 0 20,000 100
56-79 -4 +5 50,000 200
80-84 -6 0 60,000 500
85-89 -8 +10 140,000 1000
90-93 -10 0 100,000 750
94-96 -12 +15 210,000 2000
97-99 -15 0 150,000 1500
100 -20 +20 320,000 5000

OGB, Page 161...

The chart DEVICE.6 has a misprint in the range. It shows a range of 61-72 for Armor Base +15; however, it should be 61-70.