542: Clip's Visions

Clip As adventurers began roaming the wilds seeking out the trolls and ogres who had so long hunted humanity, Er advanced quickly. The Lord on High, leader of Zairie, began minting coins of silver and iron. This gave the city a tremendous resource to fund public works projects.

Late in the summer of 542, a storm blew a fisherman's raft out to sea. Clip, an equirda, washed up onto strange shores of the Isle of Frost. For days he passed in and out of consciousness, dreaming of great beings, wondrous beasts and great cities. He awoke amidst ruins of stone, far beyond the ability of current masons. He returned home on a raft mysteriously waiting for him on the shore. As he told of the things he had envisioned a pantheon was born, and in returned, he was granted powers making him the ages first true priest.

The pantheon Clip's visions gave birth to is generally referred to as the Erian gods. The pantheon consisted of over one hundred distinct deities. Only the Minions of Org remain today.

Of course, in the years immediately following Clips enlightenment, there were few priests. But, even those few greatly reduced the risks of disease. The survival rate of children soared as did birth rates as more and more Erians became farmers, hence, needing more to tend the crop.

The lush Toa river valley was soon producing a significant food surplus. Which brought wealth to the region through exports to Zairie. Also, the surplus supported a growing adventuring population.

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