547: Chaos of Adventurers

Castle The late 540's went a long way in determining the social history of Er. In 547 the populous learned to fear adventurers when a group (accidentally) took of the city for a time. The city was returned to the control of the Family On High after just a few weeks. The incident and other smaller ones, however, convinced non-adventurers that true adventurers were a threat to their safety. The event eventually lead to many of the laws restricting adventurers on Er and in major colonies.

That event alone might of had limited effects in shaping public opinion. In the summer of 549, however, the minotaurs of Mino City raided the coastal town of Shepli. Hundreds were killed when no organized defense could be raised. Further, tension was rising between Ishali, Zairie, and the cities of the Tao for political control on Er. And, to make matters worse, piracy was running rampant on every shipping lane. It looked as if civilization was over.

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