549: Knights of Er

As a result of the events of the late 540's, the Knight of Er where formed in September of 549. Their charter declared them as a peacekeeping force dedicating themselves to the protection of "innocents" from the "greed and ambitions of malevolent beast and adventurer alike." It also pledged them to the preservation of the legal governments of the island. The Knights adopted similar dress, mannerisms and fighting styles to ensure anonymity. Later, in 552, the Knights Cordair were founded. This group adopted a similar charter the those of Er, but centered their activity on the colonies. Soon both institutions discovered that recruits were at a serious "level" disadvantage when dealing with active adventurers. They promoted the creation of a third body of warriors, the Knights Exlatt. Outwardly, this group is dedicated to seeking out and destroying evil on the frontiers Erian civilization. Their primary purpose, though, is to produce "leveled" recruits for the other institutions.

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