551: Raid on Mino City

In 551, there was an Erian-financed raid on Mino City. Not only were the minotaur there considered a threat to Er's security, many pirates and other criminals used the city as a base. Dozens of adventuring teams attacked in June of that year. Anti-climactically, over half the minotaur warriors turned on their own leaders. The city became an Erian colony as did all minotaur outposts. Since then, Mino City has suffered many revolutions, driving the appointed governments out. None have lasted more than a couple of months, the city is always a dangerous place to visit. Minotaur in general have become accepted members of the greater population.

Many ships were built for the invasion, and afterwards there was a pressing question on what to do with them. Siguin Waverunner, a human battle priest to the Master of the Seas, offered to use his considerable wealth to maintain the small fleet. He would use is to patrol the sea routes and keep peace on the high seas. Thus, was born the Erian Navy. Today the navies 200 capital ships patrol the seas from the Selt Islands to Mashituk.

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