560: Adventuring Corporations

As seagoing travel became more and more popular, adventurers began to stumble onto ruined cities of ages passed. Discoveries of these ancient cities (and the treasure there in) catapulted a few lucky adventuring teams to corporation status. The Sea Barons and the Pretorian League were the most successful. Both were involved in the exploration of the magnificent Rothius ruins.

By 560 the Sea Barons were on the verge of discovering the ruins of ancient Sual. At the same time the Pretorian League was making first contact with the fledgling Mashituk Empire. Meanwhile, the Golden Hand had its hands full exploring Goldland and defending its wealth from others. The WTC (Webbers' Trading Consortium) was building its dynasty as the same time.

Peace on Er added a great deal to the population. Not only did the island Pelicar's best health and welfare system, non-Erians were immigrating by the thousands. By the end of the decade the islands population had skyrocketed to 600,000.

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