560(b): The Swamp Wars

On February 4, 560, a group from Bandli wanders into the swamp on the southern side of Er, looking for adventure. They encountered a group of hostile swamp-dwellers. In "self-defense," the team kill 31 inhabitants and nearly escape, but instead, they are captured and tortured to death. Other Erians are outraged when word leaks out.

Five Knights of Er enter the swamp on June 15, 560 and apprehend three inhabitants of the swamp confirmed to be involved with the torture. On their return, the Knights are attacked. Only three escape.

Minor skirmishes continue. During December, a group of nearly 70 swamp warriors drive west. Their goal is to meet with the Lady Isha on the matter of swamp autonomy.

The swamp dwellers are met before they can reach Ishali. They come within kilometer of the Lady when they reach an obviously unbeatable force, protecting the city. They choose to abandon their mission and return to the swamp. On their way, they the burn and pillage any settlement they encounter.

On January 23, 561, the Lady Isha, with the overwheming support of the Council, declares that all swamp lands are under the direct control of the Council of Seven and the inhabitants are to exiled from Er forever. She demands that the dwellers sail for the southern island of Mese. Over the following year, some do leave, but the majority make ready for war.

A large swamp-based adventuring group attacks Bandli on November 7, 561. Most of the city burns. Four hundred are killed. Swamp raiders continue the assault. Toa communities are heavily attacked in March, 562.

The Battle of Beck Bay occurs on March 25, 562. A group of 45 Knights of Er, 20 Monks of Arbitauge, and several aligned battle priests meet the most competent of the swamp raiders, 120 strong. Bandicore distinguishes himself as Er's most prominent mage by downing ten swamp warriors in a single flash of fire. Magic wins the day.

On May 3, the Council repeats its demand. It is again refused.

A group of 100 Arbitauge Monks and Knights of Er enter the swamp on May 23. Over the next three months, they drive the swamp dwellers south until they have no choice. They except passage to Mese. Later most make their way to Giantus.

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