582: The Terivas Project

One of the defining aspects of the Mashituk empire, its religion, and its people is the Terivas Project. The impossible goal is to make habitable and lush the entire region of East Cabellette. The line is over 3,000 kilometers long. Most years progress in measured in meters. The point is the task, not necessarily the completion of the task. The Mashituk are a spiritual people and fond of vague concepts. Meditation and philosophy are common hobbies.

Economically, the line is a boom. The constant push into new territory keeps adventurers active. Not only does opportunity abound beyond the line, but trade deals and ordained monopolies must be protected. New trade in fledgling areas is a mouthwatering delight to bandits. These in turn attract, those who would enforce the law. Great sums of money are donated to the Mashituk churches to fund the project. Some of this is diverted to fund projects in the interior, which in turn stirs up even more popular support for the project.

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