590: Formation of the Orinian Syndicate

Steal from the rich and give...? nah

The 590's was the decade in which the bad guys got organized. At least as far as Erian law enforcement was concerned. A guild known as the Orinian Syndicate slowly clamped down on all underworld activity from South-East Merikoth to West Cabellete and as far north as most Rothian ports. Led by the conqueror Tracer (at the time 9th level), the guild took advantage of the political and economic intrigue of the Erian Empire by training and hiring out nasties with specialties ranging from arson to assassination.

Though completely unintentional, parts of the populous are supportive of the thieves' guild. Prior to its formation, ruffian bands of thugs and killers were common in many parts of the Orines, and the people they terrorized are glad to be rid of them at any cost. The church of the Master of the Hunt has been quick to add to this perception. Church propaganda has it that the syndicate exists by the will of their god to do what the Law Bringer could not.

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