599: War with Sadonas and Vaag minions
(the beginnings of teleportation)

Vaag Lions, Tigers, and Vaag. Oh my!

In early November of 599 rumors began to trickle into Er and other civilized regions of trouble on Rothius. Later it was discovered a disobedient dune dakas had accidentally freed several hundred vaag from their ancient prison. Among them was the 4th order Sadonas, who was able to summon hundreds more evil beings to his aid. Dozens of high level adventurers poured onto the continent looking for a good fight. Many died in their quest, but hundreds of vaag also perished. Though Sadonas escaped, his dreams of establishing a kingdom of evil on Rothius were crushed.

The gods were watching in those weeks and several mages broke into 6th rank, greatly increasing the power level of the age. Though it took many years of study and research to realize, this more than any other event is pointed to as the beginning of common place teleporting. It is also often referred to as round one in the ongoing feud between Sadonas and many of Pelicar's greatest warriors.

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