607: Tidal Wave Impacts Pretoria

"A little water never hurt anyone."

One of the greatest disasters of the early 7th century occurred on the night of May 20th, 607. A wave, 20 meters high (~60 feet) smashed into the city of Pretoria several hours after midnight. In excess of 1200 people were killed, many of them important members of the various teams and corporations. The cause was never made clear through prophecy or other means. Many believe Orlok caused the wave out of anger toward the growing influence of the Kith (a religion new to the region). Others insist one of the Kith gods is to blame since the corporations are technically at war with their people.

The corps responded as they normally do. Throwing massive amounts of money and resources at the problem, they constructed a huge sea wall encompassing nearly 20 square kilometer of sea around the port of the city. The wall stands fifteen meters above the sea even a high tide and bristles with catapult and ballista stations. Not only is the city much better protected in the face of storms and freak waves, invasion by sea is wholly impossible.

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