612: Fort Slayer

Some Undead Creature The Santaren undead field is the largest in the world. Hence, adventurers have flocked there by the hundreds since it was first discovered. In 612 many had decided to permanently base themselves there, dubbing the place Fort Slayer. Skilled craftsmen moved in to take advantage of an adventuring economy in high gear, and a town was born. With the exception of a few flare-ups in other regions Fort Slayer has the highest density of adventurers of any town in the world. With an average population of 1500, there are over 250 declared warriors. Most of the rest are leveled, but do not consider themselves true adventurers. Instead they are temple staff, guardsmen, and merchants. Zero-level folks just don't live long in the fort. Two 13th level teams call the place home as well a 15th level conqueror and a 14th level priest. The rest fall somewhere below, with the bulk between 4th and 6th level.

Minor attacks are so common alarms are not sounded unless undead over 10th level or 1000 in number are involved. However, there has been never been two nights pass in a row without a reported incident, nor a month gone by without the alarms being sounded.

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